Amla Kanthari Juice:
Natural Solution for Diabetes and
Blood Pressure

We're excited to introduce you to our newest product, Amla Kanthari Juice.

Our organic blend of amla and kanthari chilies is packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients, making it the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine

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A Healthy Blend of 7 Herbs

Benefits of using

Amla Kanthari Juice


Helps To Reduce Blood Sugar Level

By assisting in blood sugar regulation, It lowers the chances of diabetes complications, Promoting overall health and well-being.

a person holding an electronic device in their hand
a person holding an electronic device in their hand

Helps To Reduce Cholesterol Level

By aiding in the reduction of cholesterol, it supports improved cardiovascular well-being. This beneficial effect contributes to a healthier heart and vascular system. Lowering cholesterol levels is crucial for maintaining optimal heart health


Promotes Digestion & Boosts Immunity

  • Amla Kanthari is loaded with vitamin C and other immune-boosting compounds that boost immunity and promote overall health.

  • The kanthari in the juice has digestive properties that aid in digestion and relieve constipation


Other Benefits

  • Pure and natural: Amla Kanthari Juice is made from pure and natural traditional Indian herbs, known for its numerous health benefits

  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Detoxifies the body: The natural detoxifying properties of amla and kanthari help in eliminating toxins from the body, promoting overall health and wellbeing.

  • Supports healthy hair and skin: Amla is known for its beneficial effects on hair and skin. Regular consumption of Amla Kanthari Juice can help in improving skin texture, preventing premature aging and reducing hair fall.

  • No added sugar: Amla Kanthari Juice is free from added sugar, making it a healthier alternative to sugary beverages.

  • Safe and Natural - No Preservatives Added


Here's what our customers say ?

Highly Recommended

As a new customer, I was skeptical about trying Amla Kanthari Juice, but I'm glad I did! The juice has a unique and refreshing taste, and I felt a noticeable improvement in my digestion and energy levels within just a few days of use. It's a great addition to my health routine, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

- Mahesh

Amazed by great results!

Since I started drinking this juice, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and overall well-being. Overall,I would definitely recommend Amla Kanthari Juice to anyone looking for a natural way to boost their health and wellness. Give it a try and see for yourself!.

- Shubham

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